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Human computer interfaces paper

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Interfaces for disabled people

In human computer interfaces, we had to write a paper. I chose a subject about IT interfaces and systems for disabled people, and people who have special needs. In my paper, I go through the existing systems to enable disabled people to have access to content, then to already implemented systems, in operating systems, and then to web accessibility.

Paper about interfaces for disabled people : download the final-version-paper

Paper about interfaces for disabled people : download the release-candidate-paper

Presentation of the paper : download the presentation

Software engineering

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PRINCE2 paper

In software engineering, we were aked to write a paper on PRINCE2, which is a framework of project management. It is a very general framework, suitable to pretty much all kind of projects, whatever the size and the domain. The report focuses more on some aspects of project management: quality assurance, risks management, planning and scheduling, reporting, and controlling.

Software engineering paper : download the paper

Human computer interfaces group work

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Competitive analysis

In human computer interfaces, we have a group project over the semester. The goal is to make a prototype, having studied the GUI and the interface contents. We have chosen, as a subject, the desktop environments. The first step is the competitive analysis: study similar systems, saying what seems interesting, what seems not very good, and why. For that, I have studied two graphical-effects-oriented desktops environments: Mac OS X desktop environment and Compiz Fusion.

The competitive analysis : download it at PDF format


Then, there are individual requirements. Each member of the group has to think to what requirements the systems could ask. Once that is done, the group meet, and from individual requirements, group requirements are made.

Individual requirements : Download my individual requirements at PDF format

Group requirements : Download the group requirements

To the prototype

Then, there is the Context of Use, that enable to think about the conditions in which the piece of software will be used, and the public which will use it (it is a spreadsheet that I don't join here). After that, we have done a tasks analysis of the software. This leads to the first individual prototype.

Tasks analysis : download the tasks analysis at PDF format

Individual prototype : download the individual prototype

Group prototype : Download the group prototype, PDF format

Economy in Ireland

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Strategic business management paper

In strategic business management module, we had to write a paper about the Irish economy. The subject was the following one: Ireland's recent economic growth has been characterised by increases in numbers employed and by growth in productivity. As the potential for employment growth wanes due to demographic change and the limits in migration, productivity growth will be the most mportant long term driver of Ireland's improvement in national living standards. However the requirements for success in promoting productivity growth can vary across markets, and can be subject to rapid change. The ability to work flexibly, and to redesign and change institutions as required, will be critical in driving Irish productivity growth in the future.

Strategic business management report : download the article at PDF format.

Management of distributed objects

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What the distributed objects report deals with

In masters of software development, in CIT, I followed a Distributed Objects module as well. In that module, we were asked to write a report about management of distributed systems. So the report deals with fault tolerance, security, and load balancing for distributed systems.

Distributed objects reports : Download here the report

Intelligent agent technology

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A software agents report

During the Artificial Intelligence module, we had to write a report on a subject. I chose the intelligent agent technology, because it is both a mature and new technology. Mature, because the concept is not new and has been researched and developped for years. But new, because it is not very used in the industry, and some new innovative projects are based on that technology.

Intelligent agent technology report : Report of october 2008


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